The Trusted Choice for a New Tumble Dryer in Guildford

How much easier would a new washing machine make your life? Is your current fridge freezer leaving you hot under the collar? Would you rather leave the dirty plates and the cutlery to a dishwasher? Do rainy days make you wish you had a tumble dryer? At R.A. Robertson & Sons, we supply all of these domestic appliances, and more, to customers in Guildford and the surrounding areas from our own independent showroom in Bramley.


Because we purchase products in bulk as a part of Euronics, they arrive at discounted prices. The savings we make pass down to our showroom visitors. R.A. Robertson & Sons stocks all major brands and supplies domestic appliances from Miele, Panasonic, Bosch, Samsung, LG and Zanussi. We are approved Miele and Panasonic stockists for the Guildford area.


This blog post looks at washing machines, fridge freezers, dishwashers and tumble dryers individually, and explains why you need the latest models and innovations in your home.


Branded Fridge Freezers with Combined Functionality


A fridge freezer is an upright unit installed into kitchens or utility rooms. Customers in the nearby Guildford area benefit from the dual functionality of a refrigerator and a freezer in one compact unit. Used as a food storage device, a fridge freezer holds items in the main refrigerator compartment at temperatures of between 3°C and 5°C. This is where you store uncooked meat, milk, butter, soft drinks, beer, wine and food produce from a supermarket’s chilled or ambient sections.


The freezer compartment is suitable for frozen foods and stores at a temperature of -18°C or thereabouts. We stock a full range of branded fridge freezers at our showroom in Bramley, with convenient deliveries to properties across Surrey and the South East region.


Eco-Friendly Performance with a New Washing Machine


While the washing machine will be no stranger to homeowners in the Guildford area, the advances in technology over recent years may come as a surprise. Today’s modern washing machines clean clothing and linen at much lower temperatures and over shorter cycles, making them more friendly to the environment. Naturally, shorter running times also result in lower utility costs – savings which could pay for the cost of an appliance over the years.


We can supply a new washing machine, from any branded manufacturer, at the area’s most competitive prices. R.A. Robertson & Sons has a full display of washing machines instore and provides Guildford customers with brochures and catalogues for non-stock items.


Condenser and Vented Tumble Dryers


If you are coming to our showroom for a new tumble dryer, you may need some help in choosing between a condenser and a vented model. A vented tumble dryer blows hot air from a vent to stop condensation building up in the machine. While lower in price, a vented model will usually need a venting kit added to reduce condensation in the home. This is a service we provide to homeowners in Guildford using our own time-served service engineers.


A condenser tumble dryer collects condensation into a plastic tank which the user manually empties when full. We know the choice isn’t always an easy one, so we have helpful showroom staff on hand to help you decide on the best tumble dryer for your home.


No More Dirty Plates with a New Dishwasher


Not so many years ago, homeowners considered the dishwasher a luxury item. Today, in a world where all of us are pressed for time, our Guildford customers see dishwashers as kitchen essentials. Instead of having to wash crockery and cutlery by hand, and grinding through the daily battle of who’s actually going to take responsibility for doing the dishes manually, a dishwasher does the hard work for the whole family at the push of a button.


Every dishwasher we supply to our Guildford customers is top-branded and comes with the same manufacturer warranty issued by larger department stores. We give our showroom visitors the opportunity to extend domestic appliance warranties by anything up to 5 years.


Call our showroom on 01483 892207. Alternatively, visit us from Guildford in person to see our washing machines, tumble dryers and fridge freezers on display.

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