Domestic Appliances and White Goods in Aldershot

R.A Robertson & Sons supplies a wide range of branded electrical appliances and white goods to customers in Aldershot and the surrounding areas. We operate as independent Miele stockists for our region, and our Bramley showroom has an array of Miele’s domestic appliances available for sale at competitive prices – prices we maintain by purchasing direct from the manufacturer, and through our combined buying power as a part of Euronics.


Euronics is a collective of independent retailers, much like our company, who purchase domestic appliances in bulk quantities by pooling together with other members.


This page focuses on the most popular sellers at our showroom, 13 miles from Aldershot.

Washing Machines


As one might expect, washing machines are the most common white goods sold by R.A. Robertson & Sons. Models from Zanussi are probably the most popular of all. With spin speeds of up to 1,400rpm and drums that hold up to 9kg of laundry, these white goods are the most cost-effective domestic appliances currently available to our Aldershot customers.


With AAA energy ratings, Zanussi washing machines use an innovative aqua fall wash system to make the removal of soil and stains from clothing so much easier than ever before.


And, because we operate as Miele stockists, our company also has a range of branded German washers and dryers available. Visit our premises or call us to speak to a member of our sales team about white goods for your home. We order, deliver and install electrical appliances in Aldershot at times convenient to the customer and their busy lifestyles.


Vacuum Cleaners

We offer fantastic deals on Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners instore. Retailing for less than you might expect for branded electrical appliances of such a high quality, these handheld cleaners work without a bag and use state-of-the-art technology to clean Aldershot homes as a modern-day revelation. In our world, domestic appliances have never looked so good.


They’ve also never worked as well. An impressive 200 watts of energy can pick up the most stubborn of debris from the most awkward of places and, with a battery running time of 20 minutes, these electrical appliances make a handy addition to any household in Aldershot.


In our role as Miele stockists, we also supply the latest vacuum cleaners from this desirable German brand. With similar outputs and collection powers to the Dyson range, the Miele domestic appliances available to us as vacuum cleaners include upright, cylinder and bagless models. We even supply robot vacuum cleaners from Miele that clean the house for you!



Are televisions a more interesting choice compared to our traditional range of electrical appliances and white goods? We have Panasonic televisions available at prices our High Street competitors in Aldershot rightfully envy. Because R.A Robertson & Sons is an approved Panasonic supplier, we benefit from preferential prices not just on televisions, but on a complete collection of domestic appliances supplied to us by this Japanese brand.


Don’t forget that we’re conversant with most electrical appliances and white goods. Our products come with 12 month warranties and options to extend them to 5 years. We also offer installation and repair services across the South East region. R.A. Robertson & Sons dispatches trained service engineers to deliver and install domestic appliances and white goods.


Buy one of our televisions and you’ll soon be relaxing in front of your new product watching the soaps, the big match, nature programmes and plenty of other programming options. We also supply inexpensive Freeview set top boxes to complement new televisions and screens.


Call R.A. Robertson & Sons on 01483 892207. We operate as approved Miele stockists for Aldershot, supplying a full range of branded electrical appliances and white goods.