Electrical Appliances and White Goods in Farnham | Repair Services

Miele stockists, R.A. Robertson & Sons, are about so much more than the supply of electrical appliances and white goods to customers in Farnham; we install, service and repair your domestic appliances as well. Visitors to our electrical showroom in Bramley deserve our full attention not just at the point of sale, but also in the coming months should any purchased appliance suffer a breakdown. We employ our own service engineers for exactly this reason.


It’s easy to see when a dishwasher is malfunctioning because the dishes still have food on them and there might be water leaking over the floor at your Farnham home. As Miele stockists, we understand that a Miele dishwasher breakdown is a cause for concern because the cost of a replacement is expensive. The same applies to most other white goods.


In nearly all cases, we are confident our service engineers can repair domestic appliances at any Farnham property on the first visit. The most obvious benefit to our repair services is the money you save on purchasing replacement appliances or white goods so, if a dishwasher isn’t working due to a worn part or another minor fault, we can usually repair it on the spot.


Because we trade as Miele stockists and approved suppliers for other branded appliances such as Panasonic, we carry fast-moving spare parts on our vans at all times. Even more impressive is the fact that repairs to domestic appliances under warranty won’t cost you a penny. Our time-served engineers also service your machinery and equipment.


Preserving the Environment with Ethical Appliance Repairs

As most Farnham homeowners know, buying electrical appliances or white goods for any property takes time and results in frequent trips to shops, showrooms or superstores to find replacements. Because online retailers struggle to deliver the same personalised levels of service associated with independent companies, there’s a possibility of ordering domestic appliances in the wrong size; only discoverable when they won’t fit into the allocated gap.


This happens to online buyers from Farnham and Surrey every day.

By fixing your existing electrical appliances, R.A. Robertson & Sons eliminates issues with spacing and fulfils its obligations to the environment. Some older appliances and white goods have non-recyclable parts and these usually go to landfill sites. These parts tend to decompose slowly and add to your carbon footprint; a definite concern in the modern age.


If you have broken-down electrical appliances or white goods and want to have them repaired by an ethical company that takes environmental care seriously, speak to us first. There’s a great chance we can get out to your Farnham home to repair your domestic appliances – and to save you money – on the same day but always on a responsive basis.


These levels of service are typical of Miele stockists and branded product suppliers.

Our service engineers also perform installations for buyers of electrical appliances and white goods in Farnham. We build our supporting services around the domestic appliances we sell at our Bramley Showroom. Being Miele stockists, we supply top-of-the-range dishwashers and washing machines from this leading industry brand but also perform installations for all other branded products – even if you purchase them online or from another supplier.



Call R.A. Robertson & Sons on 01483 892207. We operate as approved Miele stockists for Aldershot, supplying a full range of branded electrical appliances and white goods.