Domestic and Small Appliances in Woking from R.A. Robertson & Sons

R.A. Robertson & Sons, located in Bramley, supplies a wide range of electrical goods and small appliances to customers from the Woking area. From white goods, such as washing machines and dishwashers, to smaller domestic appliances like microwaves and vacuum cleaners, we have the whole of Surrey covered with today’s latest branded products.

Our company also employs service engineers and electricians to fulfil your installation, servicing, repair and property maintenance needs.

On this page, we look at just some of the reasons why visitors from Woking choose us ahead of other domestic appliance retailers and TV shops trading in the South East region.


Purchasing Power


We have the buying power of the Euronics Group behind us. R.A. Robertson & Sons pools its own finances with those of other independent retailers to purchase electrical goods and small appliances in bulk quantities. Buying in bulk entitles Euronics members to substantial discounts and gives them the same purchasing power as familiar High Street retailers.


We then pass on the savings we make on domestic appliances to our Woking customers.


Complete Aftersales Care


Unlike some electrical retailers and TV shops in the Woking area, we don’t forget you the moment you walk out of the door. We have a responsive team of service engineers working for our company who come out to repair your domestic appliances should something go wrong. We think our customers deserve ongoing care in the form of ongoing aftersales services.


All appliances, white goods and brown goods sold at our Bramley outlet have the same manufacturer warranties found in department stores with the opportunity to extend. R.A. Robertson & Sons also has time-served electricians available to assist domestic installation and repair work, including any property maintenance needs you might have.


Branded Domestic Appliances


Our company sells top-branded domestic appliances only. We never fob off visitors from the Woking area by supplying them with anything less than the best. R.A. Robertson & Sons is one of the very few independent TV shops in the area with approval from Panasonic. We are also approved main dealers for a host of similar prestigious manufacturers including Miele.


It’s important for our customers to have easy access to electrical goods and small appliances from names they know and trust, which is why we always insist on market-leading products.


Installations and Demonstrations


If you don’t know how to fit an appliance, or prefer not to, one of our service engineers can visit your Woking property to perform the installation on your behalf. Because we operate from a dedicated showroom in Bramley, visitors from Woking can have our domestic appliances demonstrated instore so they’re ready to use them properly after a professional fitting.


All service engineers and electricians working for our company do so as direct employees, not subcontractors. This enables a service that complies with the specific requirements for different brands.


Supporting Electrical Services


R.A. Robertson & Sons provide a full range of supporting electrical services using trained and time-served electricians. We undertake lighting installations and partial property rewires. Our electricians even replace or repair fuse boards. The added convenience of electrical services from a single company helps us to retain our many repeat customers in Surrey.


While electrical goods and small appliances are still our bread and butter, the success of our business relies heavily on what we believe to be a flexible and adaptive outlook.


Trade and Industry Experience


Very few retailers and TV shops in the Woking area can match R.A. Robertson & Sons for experience. We’ve covered the local Surrey area since 1926 and, with ninety years of trade and product knowledge behind us, our company has informed sales personnel and mobile electricians who understand a wider range of products than most other companies.


Buy domestic appliances from us, or order online, and we promise to meet all of your requirements under a single roof so you never have to visit multiple retailers again.

Call R.A. Robertson & Sons on 01483 892207. We operate as approved Miele stockists for Aldershot, supplying a full range of branded electrical appliances and white goods.