Service Engineers and Electricians in Cranleigh

If you happen to be a homeowner or a member of the trade struggling to find independent appliance retailers or TV shops in the Surrey area, and need to source a reputable service provider within easy reach of Cranleigh, try visiting our outlet in Bramley. We stock branded domestic appliances at discounted prices, and supply everything from white goods and brown goods to small appliances such as toasters, kettles and microwave ovens.

If you need repairs or installations, we have a team of service engineers who can help with those too. We even have electricians available to assist with property maintenance and repairs. If you’ve never heard of R.A. Robertson & Sons before, familiarise yourself with us through our answers to these common questions from customers in Cranleigh and Surrey.


How do you make the prices of your domestic appliances so competitive?


R.A. Robertson & Sons is a proud member of Euronics, the largest collective of independent retailers in Europe. We pool our own purchasing power together with that of other retailers to secure huge discounts on bulk purchases of large and small appliances. The savings we make on domestic appliances pass directly down to customers in Cranleigh and Surrey.


Visitors to our showroom in Cranleigh still have access to the big brand names associated with larger retailers and TV shops. They also benefit from the services of our skilled team of service engineers, who maintain domestic appliances either inside or outside of warranty, and our electricians, who fulfil a wide range of repair, maintenance and installation needs.


So you provide a warranty on the domestic appliances you sell?

Yes. All white goods, brown goods and small appliances purchased from our showroom come with a full manufacturer warranty. If your product breaks down, our time-served service engineers come out to your property in Cranleigh to fix it. If required, our tradesmen also service and install domestic appliances. We carry an impress stock range of fast-moving spare parts on our vans to provide you with a responsive service on all appliance repairs.


Like all reputable outlets and TV shops, we give customers the opportunity to extend their warranties instore. This affords peace of mind on purchases of goods and small appliances.


Do you offer the same services as High Street and retail park TV shops?


Indeed we do. R.A. Robertson & Sons trades as an approved main dealer for major brand manufacturers including Panasonic. Our outlet in Bramley stocks the latest audio-visual and home entertainment equipment. We’re no different to High Street and retail park TV shops around Cranleigh because our stock range includes flat-screen televisions, set top boxes and Blu-Ray players – plus everything you’d expect to find at other showrooms in our area.


What makes us different is our independent status. When you buy televisions, domestic appliances and small appliances from us, you do so knowing we guarantee quality of service.


Can your electricians provide a full range of domestic services?


Yes. While we are always at home repairing domestic appliances, we can help property owners in Cranleigh with a much wider range of services. Our electricians can replace fuse boards, fit security lighting and undertake full or partial rewires. Let us know your personal requirements and leave our electricians to provide you with a competitively priced quote. Very few independent retailers and TV shops have personnel who deliver services like these.


Even if you purchase domestic appliances elsewhere, either from another local showroom or online, we’ll still be there to provide the installation and repair services you need.


Call R.A. Robertson & Sons on 01483 892207. We operate as approved Miele stockists for Aldershot, supplying a full range of branded electrical appliances and white goods.